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  • Open House and Shop Tour
  • Do's and Don'ts After a New Paint Job
  • Protect Your Car This Winter
  • Muscle Car Market Toning Up?
  • Hard-to-Find Parts for Sale

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December 2010

Open House & Shop Tour
a Great Success

Last month’s Open House and Shop Tour was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who came out.

We welcomed members from several local car clubs, the Union League, and other enthusiasts.

Pollock owner Mike Engard, left, points out a
Railton that started life as a Hudson.

After some delicious breakfast treats and coffee, PAR owner Mike Engard took the group on a guided tour of the shop. Along the way, he discussed the various jobs our technicians perform. Department heads -- paint, metal, upholstery and mechanical -- were available to answer any questions or to offer more details of their capabilities.

Bob Dare, president of the Pottstown Area AACA, said members of his organization enjoyed the tour and the opportunity to meet our specialists.

“The facility was impressive, clean, neat and well organized,” he said. “It shows the effort that you have put into improving the facility.  We were impressed by the quality of workmanship on the vehicles in progress. Thanks for an informative tour and, especially, for the great desserts!”

In the spring, we’ll host an Open House and Shop Tour of our sister shop, Ragtops & Roadsters in Perkasie, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

More Photos from the Open House and Shop Tour


Do's and Don'ts After a New Paint Job

So you finally took the plunge and got your prized car a new paint job. It looks all bright and shiny sitting in your driveway.

Now what?

Here are some important tips to consider after having your car painted:
DO NOT wax your car within the first 90 days; 
DO NOT use any aggressive soaps or wash pads; 
DO NOT run your car through an automatic car wash.
If you are compelled to wax your car, do it at the beginning of the season - just make sure you clean it first with a good detailer. It’s inevitable that your new paint job will be scratched – it’s okay to use some touch-up paint but be aware that it probably will not be an exact match.
Make sure that when your car is repainted that you get the exact paint formula. It will make it much easier to match the color in the future.

One other note -- a good professional detailer should be able to do minor chip repairs

Protect Your Car This Winter

Choosing the right place to store your vehicle for the winter can be a daunting task. During winter, experts say, a secure, indoor facility offers the best protection to keep your vehicle safe and road ready for the spring.
Here are four reasons to choose Pollock Auto Restoration for winter storage of your vehicle or collection:
It's Secure - our facility is monitored by a sophisticated security system that will alert police and fire of any emergencies. Also, your car is monitored daily by the facility staff.
It's Indoors - the 25,000 square-foot building is climate protected. Your vehicle stays out of the harsh winter weather.
It's Insured - your vehicle is fully insured against damage while in Pollock’s facility.
It's a Great Value - for just a few dollars a day you can rest assured that your car is safe and protected from the elements. 
Pollock Auto Restoration also offers long- and short-term storage for your small truck, motorcycle, ATV or dirt bike.
For more information or to make an appointment contact Pollock Auto Restoration at 610-323-7108 or send us an email.

Is The Muscle Car Market
Toning Up?


By Rob Sass
New York Times
Prices of vintage American muscle cars peaked, along with real estate values, in early 2008 or late 2007 — the year when a 1971 Plymouth Hemi ’Cuda convertible sold for an astounding $2.4 million at auction.
But by 2009, prices of rowdy big-engine cars had plunged while the broader market in collectible cars underwent a comparatively mild correction.
Since then, the collector car market has generally settled into two parts. Highly desirable, top-notch cars in impeccable condition — with thorough historical documentation — have no trouble finding buyers at strong prices. Cars that are questionable, or in lesser demand, are languishing.
There are indications that the muscle-car market has also been firming up, based on reports of private sales and a few isolated auctions, like a Mecum Auctions sale in Indianapolis in May.

Vintage Auto Parts for Sale

Our 26,000-square-foot shop in Pottstown has turned out to be a treasure trove of old parts. It seems like every day we find another stash of parts hidden in a corner of the building.

In some cases, we can identify the part and put it to good use. But in the vast majority of them, the application is unknown – we simply don’t know what car these parts go with. And that’s a shame, because we know there are owners out there frustrated as they scour the Earth for these hard-to-find parts.

 “We want to put the parts back into the hands of people who can use them,” says Pollock owner Mike Engard.

Check out our selection of vintage auto parts. We might just have the one you’ve been looking for!

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