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The 2012 Pollock Auto Restoration Fall Open House was a huge success.  The weather cooperated resulting in two car tours arriving around lunchtime.  Mike Wolf, of the Delaware Valley Jaguar Club lead a group of a dozen vintage Jaguars through Chester County arriving just ahead of the 11 Classic cars lead by Dave Hutchison, in a 1941 Cadillac Convertible Series 62, on the annual “Before We Put Em Away Run” held by the DVR-CCCA.
Parking was at a premium and the shop was full of vintage car enthusiasts. Inside our metal fabricator, Dorian Custodia, was demonstrating his skills on the English Wheel and our Painter, Curtis Bohn, was there to describe wood graining, bodywork and  prep work and different levels of paint work.  Mike gave a couple of shop tours describing the many projects in the various departments.  Click here to check out some photographs from our event
Of course, Barbara had delicious snacks in the office to tempt your taste buds.  Be sure to watch for the date of our Spring 2013 Open House


On Sunday November 18, 2012 was the annual "Put Em Away Run" hosted by DVR-CCCA.  A gorgeous day for the 12 car group which was attended by the DVR-CCCA,Pottstown AACA and the Bentley Drivers Group. The group met at the WaWa in West Chester, PA . The cars took a one hour winding road tour of the wonderful roads in West Chester. One of the stops along the way was in Spring City, PA. The group was introduced to a wonderful collection of Carriages and Rolls Royces. Mr. Harry Tucci gave a knowledgeable guided tour of his collection for approximately an hour. The group could have stayed all day, however they had one more stop before the run was over. The group returned to their cars for another 20 minute ride to Pollock Auto Restoration for their Fall Open House.  At Pollock's the group was given a guided tour thru the shop with explanations of the current jobs and each department. As usual there was a nice array of snacks in the office area.

Sandy Slams the Car World
From - American Collector newsletter, November 2012

While American Collectors New Jersey headquarters is located far inland from the coastal towns that suffered the brunt of Hurricane Sandy's force, we continue to feel the storm's impact. Hundreds ofantique car owners were affected, and in some cases damage to a collector car was the least of their worries. Losses are still being counted, but there will be thousands of cars affected when the numbers are totaled. Many will be written off, but there are also going to be hundreds of cars with body and water damage heading for shops throughout the country, not just in the Northeast. This means there could be a backlog at your local shop - or a shortage of parts. There are areas near the shore where literally every single car was damaged, either by debris or water. As anyone who has ever worked on a water-damaged car can attest, this type of repair is hard going, especially when salt water is involved. It can't just look OK-it has to be disassembled so that any pockets where water could accumulate can be flushed out and resealed. Essentially, all the collector cars that came in contact with salt water will need to be refurbished, restored, or sadly, written off. To get all these cars (not to mention lives) back into something resembling their previous condition is going to take a lot of work, from many people. Fortunately, coming together in times of need is one of the things the old car hobby does best. So even as residents of the Atlantic coast are still struggling with housing, food, and water; car clubs and other organizations in areas that weren't completely devastated are gearing up to try and help. We are prepared to work with car owners in need of advice, consultation or repairs.

The skies are gray, the leaves are falling, and the flakes will soon be here, but in the world of collector cars, the waning days of Autumn and gloomy weather is the perfect time to latch onto that specialty car that you've had your eye on.  Now is the best time because with car shows over for the year, many collectors will decide to weed out his collection and part with that special sports car, collector car or project car that maybe, just perhaps, you've been dreaming about for, those many years -AND at a great bargain price.  Sometimes a car is “let go” so as to not incur storage and maintence expenses.
The upcoming snowflakes also doesn’t mean the end of the fun for the collector or enthusiast, for now the fun really begins: after acquiring the car of your dreams or that special project, many a fun hour can be had by sitting in front of the cozy fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa, pouring through car magazine or parts catalog, Doing the leg work, scouring for that missing part or doing research on your marque is one of the additional joys a collector can avail himself of during the Winter months .
 It is also an opportune time to take some time to take note of car shows you wish to attend in the upcoming year.  Also take some time and take stock in that previously owned or newly purchased sports or collector car sitting in your garage and plot out a plan and your restoration will be the best for it in the long run. So while Winter is a gloomy time of the year for most, for the collector and sports car folk, Winter can be the BEST time of the year- a time to recoup and re- gather, formulating new plans and new ideas for the new year and taking advantage of the falling prices and big bargains to be had in the collectors car market.  Check out our website www.pollockauto.com  as “new” collector cars are always looking for new homes…
Keep an eye out for that special car and remember our “Project Car” section if you are looking to get involved in a restoration.  Prices are always changing and good buys are to be had!

Through the Windshield

We are changing the publication schedule for our Shop Talk E-Newsletter from monthly to quarterly.
We will be visiting several clubs at their holiday parties, some before the New Year and some after. We hope to see you at many collector car events during the next year.

From all of us here, have happy holiday season. And if you haven't done it yet, make sure to prepare your vintage car for the winter.


Through the Rear View Mirror

As the driving season winds down, it was another busy year of great cars, great people and great fun.
Most recently, our annual pilgrimage to the Fall Meet in Hershey was one of the best in recent memory.   
The fall weather has been good for touring and, once again, most of us were driving deep into November.
Our Fall Open House at Pollock Auto Restoration, combined with the "Before We Put ‘Em Away Run,” was a tremendous success.

Calendar of Events

1-Jan 6 Spectacular Christmas Celebration, AACA Musuem, Hershey, PA

19 HCCP Annual Dinner, Springfield, PA
19-27: Philadelphia International Auto Show, Philadelphia, PA
24-27: Pennsylvania Car Show, Harrisburg, PA
27        VFR-CLC Annual Banquet

9-11: AACA National Convention, Philadelphia, PA
27-March 3 Classic Car Club of America Annual Meeting, Pasadena, CA

MARCH 2013
1-3: Atlantic City Car Show & Auction,  Atlantic City, NJ
10  HCCP Pancake Run
22-24 Northeast Hot Rod & Custom Show, Oaks, PA

APRIL 2013
13: Faulkner Cruise Nights, West Chester, PA
14: HCCP Blossum Run
25: Springfield Ford Cruise Night

MAY 2013
4: Pottstown CLassic Car Club Show,Pottstown, PA
11: Faulkner Cruise Nights,West Chester, PA
19: HCCP Linvilla Orchard
30: HCCP Cruise Night

JUNE 2013
1: Pottstown CLassic Car Club Show,Pottstown, PA
2: HCCP Mystery Tour
8: Faulkner Cruise Nights, West Chester, PA
9 Springfield For "ALL FORD"
20 HCCP Cruise Night


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