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Spring Enjoyment

by, Kim Spiece

   I believe Punxsutawney Phil wasn't real accurate this year. I thought we were to have an early Spring? What happened to that, hmm? Phil's ready to go out driving with Bill, are you? As I am finishing up the newsletter this month I am reminded via television weather forecasts of more impending snow for the first weekend of March. Either way, spring will arrive in just a few short weeks so I'm going to give you a few suggestions of what you may want to check for before heading out from winter hibernation.    
      Cold weather can bring a myriad of issues even if the car is kept in a garage. A bumper-to-bumper inspection, carefully examining the exterior, under the hood and inside the vehicle. Use a tire gauge and check tire pressure. Under the hood: inspect your engine, check for damaged wiring, bite marks or other damage on belts, hoses or other components that rascals can cause by building a winter nest. Check your fluids, top off and possibly change the oil and make sure you check the battery as well. Inside the vehicle: make sure there is no water leakage, start the car, check your heating and air conditioning if the vehicle has such luxuries and listen for odd noises and sounds such as grinding, pinging or squealing.  Most importantly, take your vehicle for a short test drive so you know you are ready to travel further distances when spring finally does arrive.

Through the Windshield

Amelia Island Concours

March 7th- 10th

by: Kim Spiece & Dave Hutchison

    The Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance is something I have been wanting to attend for the several years now and I'm looking forward to shooting and bringing back a ton of photos for next months issue. We will be showing the 1938 SS 100 Jaguar that we worked on last year.
     This 3.5 liter SS had a bare metal respray and our here at Pollock and our sister shop Ragtops & Roadsters made some period correct modifications under the bonnet.  It has been fully sorted and runs very strong. After winning it's class at the Cars and Motorcycles of England and "Best Jaguar" at the Greenwich Concours last year, we are looking forward to running this spirited prewar machine on the “Eight Flags Road Tour” on Friday before the Concours.
     The event takes place on beautiful Amelia Island FL with most of the events actually taking place at the Ritz-Carlton. The weekend is full of happenings to keep everyone busy doing something, whatever your pleasure. Whether you enjoy shopping, attending the Porsche Wine Maker's Dinner, going on the Eight Flags Road Tour, other Test Drives with various manufacturers, Book Signings, attending seminars, or browsing Automobilia.
       We hope to attend the Bonhams, Gooding & Company and RM Sotheby's auctions and others that will have many beautiful cars available for those looking for a new ride. It wouldn't be complete without the annual Cocktail Reception and Gala Dinner Saturday evening followed by the actual Concours d'Elegance itself on Sunday.  I'm looking forward to happy times and much warmer weather.

Classic Auto Mall

March 31st

by: Kim Spiece

The Classic Auto Mall in Morgantown Pennsylvania will be holding its first Indoor/Outdoor Antique & Classic Car Corral  Swap & Flea Market. The event will be held March 31st. Food will be provided by the "Hotdog Lady" serving a full line of breakfast and lunch items.  We will be joining the Mall set up inside. Stop in to see the awesome collection while you are there and say "Hello".

Vintage, Classic, Collector and Antique Car Club Information

Spring is inevitable! In just a few short weeks it will arrive whether "Old Man Winter" likes it or not. Now is the time to start researching and seeing if there is a need for yourself or getting involved.  To check out information on local car clubs, becoming a member, making new friends, reconnecting with old acquaintances and sharing past histories and passions, see below.

Listed are several local car clubs and museums within our region. Please check them out and support our local clubs and communities. 
You can also check out Car Club Directory or Car Club Hunter to find clubs near you.

Classic Car Calendar of Events

Recurring Events

1st Mon   North Penn Model A Ford Club Mthly Mtg., Lansdale, PA
1st Wed   AACA Pottstown Region Mthly Mtg., Pennsburg, PA
3rd Tue   Cadillac LaSalle Club Mthly Mtg., Malvern, PA
3rd Wed   Berks County Mustang Car Club Mthly Mtg., Fleetwood, PA
3rd Thu   AACA Delaware Valley Region Mthly Mtg., Lederach, PA

March Events

3/7 - 3/10   Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance
3/9   AACA Chesapeake Region Swap Meet, West Friendship, MD
3/21   HCCP Winter Dinner, Rose Tree, PA
3/23   Simeone Museum "The Winner's Circle", Philadelphia, PA
3/24   DVR Open House Andrew Rosen Collection, Bensalem, PA

In the Shop Now

1912 Auburn

by: Ross Belovich, Shop Foreman

      This month we have a 1912 Auburn Model 30-L Roadster, a rare car indeed. As you can see in the picture on the insides of the engine hoods there have been previous repairs that were functional, but not so pretty. The car has been brought to us for our metal technicians to recreate them properly. First will be to square up the body to radiator fit, both vertically and horizontally, then we will make templates and form the metal. These panels have a folded edge so our measurements and craftsman need to be very accurate. After that, we will hand rivet new hinges and metal finish the panels, then off to paint where we will match the color on the car and spray the hoods to duplicate the existing finish.

In the Rearview

AACA Annual Meeting

February 7th - 9th
By: Kim Spiece  


We headed to the "city of brotherly love", Philadelphia, for the annual AACA Winter Meeting and trade show held at the Sheraton Hotel 201. During the two day event, participants had the option to attend several different seminars offered all throughout the day and to walk around and view the displays in the trade show area. We were fortunate enough to have "Herbie" The Love Bug join us this year in our display area;  a big thank you to Gabriel Nathan, his owner.  We also were fortunate to admire all day a 1936 Hudson 65 Custom Eight that was on loan with America on Wheels from Allentown Pa.
   Some of the seminars included The ABC's of Spray Chrome, Market Value Trends, Preparing for Touring, Automotive Upholstery 101, Historic Preservation of Original Features and Managing Classic Vehicle Collections.  It is a very informative and pleasurable weekend to attend, seeing old friends and making new ones along the way. If interested in becoming a member of the AACA please visit their website:
The pictures above "Herbie", 1963 VW Beetle and a 1936 Hudson 65 Custom Eight.

2019 Philadelphia Auto Show

by: Dave Hutchison

    2019 Philadelphia Auto Show Welcomes Largest Crowds in 15 Years!
The 2019 Philadelphia Auto Show had a 750,000 square foot display floor that showcased an array of the newest pre-production models, Super Cars, Exotics and Classics. We are pleased to report that 257,515 people attended this year making it the second largest show since 2004 in it's rich 118-year history. The second weekend set a new record with over 107,000 in attendance!
This 1937 Buick Limited Chassis Byzantine Hearse was recently donated to the AACA Museum by Mr. Schwartz who stopped by to pay his respects.  The last funeral before the car was donated to the museum was for the longtime mechanic who kept this Buick running! The hearse drew a good deal of attention over the 10-day show. Tried and true enthusiasts also appreciated this fantastic 1926 Duesenberg Model A which is an AACA HPOF (Historic Preservation of Original Features) winner. A car is only new once! 
Dave Pickard and his son Ethan enjoying the day in their Model H 1912 Pickard! Yes, they are direct decedents of the Pickard Brothers from Brockton, MA. who built this car!  We had a great week anchoring the AACA Exhibit and promoting the Elegance at Hershey on the red carpet. Thanks to the support from the AACA Members and our local car clubs our exhibit was fully staffed all week. Our volunteers spoke about their passion for the hobby and we signed up 40 new AACA Members! Donation records were also set at this year’s Black Tie Tailgate Party, which welcomed 5,500 guests who raised  $615,000 for the Department of Nursing at CHOP! Two more records!

"Safety Fast"

Re-print permission from Moss Motors
By: Greg Prehodka
    I love my classic cars. Driven 'em, rallied 'em, worked on 'em, and raced 'em. Much more important to me, however, are the wonderful people I've gotten to know. It is for them that I write this request: be smart & safe and get your car inspected every year. The engineers designed these cars to be road-worthy, but never in their wildest dreams did they imagine the cars would outlive them. All cars deteriorate over time. Metals corrode, rubber hardens and cracks, moving parts wear and fatigue, lines clog, fluids break down and so on. All of this adds up to serious responsibility on your part. Time has a way of slipping by without notice. It's time to stop calling work done in 1995 as a "recent restoration". We need to take safety seriously each and every year. Some states have mandatory annual car inspections, and for good reasons. Unfortunately many states also exempt vintage cars from inspections-a policy I disagree with!

I've been involved with antique cars for over 50 years, and have seen and heard of numerous vehicle failures. Failures with mechanical items, hydraulic lines, fuel lines, tires, etc., have happened-including with my own cars. I highly recommend any vehicle which sees road or track use gets - at minimum - a thorough annual inspection by a qualified mechanic who knows and understands our cars and their potential problem areas.

Before I am allowed to vintage race, my car has to pass a strict vehicle technical inspection at the track. Does your vehicle undergo "any inspection" before you drive it? Probably not, unless it doesn't start, and then you "have to" take a look at it. Maybe you are qualified to inspect your own, and maybe you do inspect it, but most folks are driving enthusiasts, not mechanics. We need to build into our hobby the discipline of appreciating and participating in the art of the inspection.

We thank Moss Motoring and Greg for the permission to reprint of this very important article as all of us here at Pollock Auto Restoration we want to see you and your vintage classic cars remain safe and in tip top shape!

Did You Know?

by: Kim Spiece

   What is Daylight Savings Time? It is the seasonal time change measure where clocks are set ahead of standard time during part of the year, usually by 1 hour.  As is begins, the Sun sets and rises later, on the clock, than the day before.  It is believed that New Zealand scientist George Vernon Hudson and British builder William Willett are the cofounders back in 1895. It was first used in Canada in 1908 followed by Germany and Austria  in 1916.  The rationale was to minimize the use of artificial lighting to save on fuel for the war effort.  Within a few weeks, the idea was followed up by the United Kingdom and France, but most of them reverted back to standard time after World War I and it wasn't used again until the next World War.   Although modern Daylight Savings Time has only been used for about 100 years, ancient civilizations are known to have engaged in comparable practices thousands of years ago.  Today, it is now used in over 70 countries worldwide. The beginning and end dates vary from one country to another. So don't forget, turn your clocks ahead so you won't be late March 10th.
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Happy Motoring!

Kim and the Staff at Pollock Auto Restoration
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