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by, Kim Spiece

Autumn has to be the most colorful and beautiful season of the year. The daylight hours unfortunately become shorter but the temperatures cool considerably. The mixture of reds, oranges and yellows along with a few greens as the photos show gives such a dramatic backdrop for anything you want to do such as taking photos of your collector cars. This time of year is perfect for it. Autumn begins slowly, with warm temperatures during the day and cooler temps at night. This is needed to help the trees change their colors and begin to shed their leaves, thus the alternative term used, "Fall". With the association from warm weather to cold weather, begins the season of the "Harvest". Many festivals and fall-like activities abound such as apple harvesting in orchards, corn mazes, and pumpkin picking. There are several organizations and clubs who have "pumpkin runs" and car cruise-ins along with some of these activities. 

Daylight Savings Time comes to an end as well. It is the practice of advancing clocks during the spring months and adjust them backwards in the fall months. We will gain an extra hour of sleep this coming weekend, hurray, as November 3rd is that time.  Many people think that Benjamin Franklin proposed this idea due to his phrase "early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise". Officially that title goes to George Hudson in 1895.  And the first city worldwide to use the Daylight Savings Time was Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada on July 1, 1908. The United States finally adopted the procedure in 1918.  So take advantage this weekend, catch up on an extra hour of sleep or get out early and rake up those fallen leaves. Just a little history tidbit for your reading enjoyment !!

Through the Windshield


Vargo Dragway Annual Car Show

Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

by: Kim Spiece

Vargo Dragway will hold its annual show at the site of AGA Farms on Elephant Rd in Perkasie PA. The show is expected to be on this year from 8:00am to 3:00pm with proceeds to benefit the local boy scout troop. Last year the event had to be cancelled due to the excessive rains that made the fields a muddy mess.  Pollock Auto Restoration will be there in attendance as well so come on out, check out some "old" racers (and their cars!) and enjoy the cooler temperatures with the colorful fall foliage. They did schedule a rain date this year for November 9th, the following Saturday. You can check out their website as listed above or on Facebook for updates.

Classic Auto Mall
November 3rd, 2019

by: Kim Spiece

The Classic Auto Mall in Morgantown PA will be hosting an Antique & Classic Auto Parts Swap Meet and Car Corral November 3rd from 8am to 6pm. If you're still looking for that special part or tool, check them out. There will be vendors set up indoor and outdoors. Auto related items of all  makes and models will be available. There will also be over 450 vehicles offered for sale in the Auto Mall's indoor Car Corral.  Pollock Auto will be on display as well so stop by and say hello to Mike!! Something for everyone!  
Fall Open House
November 24th, 2019
Our annual Open House will be held in conjunction with our sister shop, Ragtops & Roadsters, "Before we Put Em' Away Run" on November 24th. The Run is open to all makes and models and will begin at 9am in Perkasie where you can tour the shop, have some coffee and scones. Then they will hit the road to head over to Pollock in Pottstown to join in the Open House festivities already in progress where you will enjoy a scrumptious luncheon and tour our facilities. I won't be able to attend this year as i will be heading down to Florida for the Turkey Run but I leave behind some homemade pumpkin rolls for you to enjoy in my absence. Take plenty of photos and ask lots of questions!!

Annual Turkey Run

November 28th December 1st, 2019

by: Kim Spiece

The Annual Turkey Run presented by the Daytona Beach Street Rods will be held once again at the Daytona International Speedway in Florida.
It will feature 1000's of unique vehicles and swap meet vendors including myself. It boasts many show quality cars from around the country including restored classics, newer models, customized rides and foreign & domestic exotics. The swap meet offers a wide variety of vendors offering everything from auto parts, accessories to clothing, gifts, antiques and more.  There is an annual car corral where thousands of cars line up to participate on the racing infield to buy and sell.  For more information: 

We are looking for MGA Windscreen frames in any condition to modify and build more Competition Windscreens.

Please Contact
Barbara Plant and/or 610-323-7108

Vintage, Classic, Collector and Antique Car Club Information

The "Car Show Season" is beginning to wind down with the coming of Autumn but there is still plenty of shows to attend and car clubs looking for new members and volunteers.   To check out information on local car clubs, becoming a member, making new friends, reconnecting with old acquaintances and sharing past histories and passions, see below. Also, I have compiled  a list of all of the upcoming car shows and events that I am made aware of. If you have an interest in obtaining such a list, feel free to email me and I can forward to you:

Listed are several local car clubs and museums within our region. Please check them out and support our local clubs and communities. 
You can also check out Car Club Directory or Car Club Hunter to find clubs near you.

Classic Car Calendar of Events

Recurring Events

1st Mon   North Penn Model A Ford Club Mthly Mtg., Lansdale, PA
1st Wed   AACA Pottstown Region Mthly Mtg., Pennsburg, PA
3rd Tue   Cadillac LaSalle Club Mthly Mtg., Malvern, PA
3rd Wed   Berks County Mustang Car Club Mthly Mtg., Fleetwood, PA
3rd Thu   AACA Delaware Valley Region Mthly Mtg., Lederach, PA

November Events

  Vargo Dragway, Perkasie, PA
Clasic AutoMall Flea Market, Morgantown, PA
“Before We Put em' Away Run”, Perkasie, PA
11/24   Fall Open House Pollock Auto Restoration, Pottstown, PA


In the Shop Now

Pollock Auto Road Rally Tour

October 19th, 2019

by: Kim Spiece

      The Old Time Touring Club, local chapter of the Horseless Carriage Club of America, came to us and asked if we would be willing to put together a road rally tour, so of course we said yes. I have never done anything like this myself so it was going to be a challenge, but I was up for it.  We started out at the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles with a tour of the facilities. With the fall foliage starting to peak, we stopped in for a stroll through Green Lane Park. Then, using back country roads, we made our way over to our shop in Pottstown.
The first leg of the journey was 34 miles through the beautiful woodsy scenery with a short stop at the boat dock for the members to get out and stretch their legs and snap some pretty photos. Then back onto the road to head over to Pollock, where a warm and welcoming lunch awaited everyone.  Once the members got to Pollock, they had their meal followed by a tour of the shop with Mike and Ross. Then they headed back to the museum following a different shorter route of about 12 miles.

Pictured above we had a 1915 Chalmers, a 1913 Oldsmobile Defender, a 1925 Lincoln, a 1941 Cadillac Model 62 Convertible and a 1986 Mercedes 560 SL convertible for the tour.

In the Rearview

Fall Carlisle

October 2-6th, 2019
By: Kim Spiece  


      Fall Carlisle at the Fairgrounds, you never know what to expect and I'm not just talking about what you will see and possibly find among the thousand swap meet vendors that are on display.  It started out Wednesday at 92 degrees; by Friday it dropped to the 50's with winds howling to 45 mph and by Saturday morning I awoke to 38 frigid degrees.  I did not pack my heavy coat not realizing they were calling for such drastic temperature changes. Fortunately the guy across from our display had some really thick warm coats for sale! Fortunately, now I will always have a heavy coat in my truck so it will not happen again.  And you know it always rains at least one day, that was Thursday with dreary light rain all throughout the day but it didn't stop people from searching for deals or that specific particular part they need.  I always said if you can't find it at Carlisle or Hershey, you ain't gonna !!  Next year, Spring Carlisle is slated for April 22-26th, 2020. Check out their website for all events:

Hershey Antique Auto Eastern Fall Meet

October 9-12th, 2019
By: Kim Spiece


Hershey Antique Auto week is always held the week after Fall Carlisle so many of the vendors leave from there and go directly to Hershey to begin set up once again. It is known as one of the largest shows and swap meets in the country. Pollock & Ragtops had their display set up in the usual spot in the Chocolate Field. Pictures posted are just some of the examples of items for sale that I photographed while walking around a bit each day. 
The Corvair caught my eye and of course the owner says, "You have to get your picture taken with it", so i conceded. LOL  I  was on the look out for an old Dodge Ram hood ornament but did not find any to my liking. The weather actually cooperated with us for the entire week with mild autumn-like temperatures. Next year's event is scheduled for October 7-10th, 2020.

Rubright Racing/Spiece Insurance Benefit Show

October 26th, 2019
By: Kim Spiece  


Each year, Rubright Racing, along with myself, holds a benefit car show for a special child and their family who are in need financially due to a terminal illness or struck with cancer. This year our benefactor was Benjamin Moyer, who is 5 years old and suffers from a very rare genetic disorder known as STXBP1. We usually hold the show the second week of November in conjunction with Veterans Day so we can give a big salute to our attending veterans as well.  Due to the chilly snowy weather the past couple years, the guys begged me to move the show up, thus it was held on October 26th. We were showered with warmer sunny weather this year and that made for a fantastic number of attendees. In total we had 252 vehicles registered to participate for trophies.In our 9th year we had a record-breaking 56 veterans in attendance and raised over $4000 for the Moyer family.

Each year we also provide a small gesture to our veterans in attendance, to show our support and salute them for their service. This year they were given an American Eagle medallion as shown in the group photo.  We even had some vehicles "dress up" for Halloween!

I cannot express enough my gratitude for all the participants, spectators, and volunteers who made this event successful. I also want to express my deep gratitude towards all the companies who sponsored our trophies and door prizes like Pollock Auto Restoration, because without them, we could not achieve our goals and assist families like the Moyers'. It's with working together to help one another and families like this that makes all the time, energy and hard work worth while!!  Thank you Pollock Auto Restoration, Mike Engard, for your generosity!!  Next year's show is slated for October 31st, 2020. Mark your calendars !!

The great thing about our local car community, these guys and gals have the largest hearts around. Their dedication to their vehicle, their love for antique & classic cars and compassion for others is phenomenal !!

Cadillac & LaSalle Club Driving Tour

October 22-26th, 2019

by: Mike Engard

On a beautiful week in October, Pollock Auto Restoration participated in the 2019 Cadillac LaSalle Club National Driving Tour around Gettysburg, PA.  This event, put on this year by the Valley Forge Region of the CLC, included visits to several auto museums and private collections as well as tours of the Civil War battlefields around Gettysburg, PA.

The battle that took place at Gettysburg is considered by many to be the turning point in the Civil War even though the war continued for another two years. It is also the location of the Soldiers' National Cemetery where President Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous Gettysburg Address.
Along with the other tour attendees, Mike and Peggy, in a 1941 Cadillac model 62 Convertible Copue, drove from the Wyndham Hotel to the Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Maryland where we learned of "the bloodiest single-day battle in American history". A driving tour of the battlefield allowed us to see the many buildings and bridges that have been restored to make the experience as authentic as possible.
We also ‘enjoyed’ a bus tour of the battlefields around Gettysburg. I say ‘enjoyed’ because we had a good time with friends on a beautiful day, but it is also a very sobering experience as you come to understand what occurred in these farmer’s fields in July 1863. Thousands of young Americans lost their lives fighting in these encounters, and viewing them and coming to understand, in a very small way, what it was like is an experience that we won’t soon forget.
We also visited several automobile museums including the AACA Museum,
Eastern Museum of Motor Racing, and the Swigert Museum.
Also two private collections featuring many WWII vehicles and memorabilia and a collection of Cadillac's including several variations of the 1941 Cadillac we were driving.
Due to other commitments we were not able to visit the Flight 93 National Memorial but others have told us that it is a very moving experience.

Did You Know?

by: Kim Spiece

As I write this story today, October 31st, yes, it is Halloween!!  In a few hours the little tikes will be knocking on my door to collect their candy treats during their romp in costumes all over town. I'm also reminded to see what sort of events took place on this particular date in history as well. 

Did you know that the Lincoln Highway was one of the earliest transcontinental highway routes for automobiles across the United States? It was conceived by Carl Fischer of Indiana in 1912 and formally dedicated, of course, on October 31, 1913, Halloween!  It ran coast-to-coast from Times Square, New York City west to Lincoln Park, San Francisco and the first official recorded length of the entire Lincoln Highway was 3,389 miles. It was also America's first national memorial to President Abraham Lincoln, predating the 1922 dedication of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. It helped bring great prosperity to several hundred towns and cities along it's path, which resulted in an economic boost to governments, businesses, and people. Better known as "the Main Street Across America".
Pollock Auto Restoration is here to help keep your car performing and looking it's best. Call now to schedule your pre-season work to ensure your pride 'n' joy's service, repair, maintenance, and cosmetic needs are met before this year's driving season begins.  Click here to send an e-mail to or call us at 610-323-7108 to schedule an appointment.

Click to see our Works In Progress page on our website for more from behind the scenes. Also, we have several active listings of our client's collector cars looking for new homes. See the current listings on our For Sale page.
Happy Motoring!

Kim and the Staff at Pollock Auto Restoration
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