The Process

A restoration shop is not your average auto repair garage. Restorations usually involve the entire car while repair work can be a single item. Most mechanical and body shops turn away the kind of work that is done here. The mere mention of Antique automobiles can make the local garage uncomfortable.

Because of our years of experience with antique and special interest cars we are familiar with the construction methods used in these automobiles. Our technicians have extensive experience with these style vehicles, and they research assembly methods, communicate with other knowledgeable individuals, and participate in club events and shows. Vehicles from our shop have won numerous awards, ranging from neighborhood local events to top awards at the national level.

Most cars destined for restoration are quite aged at this point. In fact, many of the projects that arrive today would barley have been considered parts cars not that long ago. The first step in a repair or restoration is to attempt to determine what the problems are that we can see and what is likely to be necessary to correct them, and how big a part time itself has played on all of the component's condition. We may often find things that you may not like to hear about your car, but you should be prepared for anything.

Next, we discuss your goals and options and map out a preliminary plan.

When these cars were originally constructed, most were produced with the basic goal of profitablity without necessarily the highest quality or longevity in mind. Ultimately, from the collector's point of view as well as durability, generally, the best approach is restoring or reproducing the originality, however to a much higher standard. We can, of course, make changes, updates, and modifications at the owner's request depending on your goals.

The most necessary component, but often most suffering from age on an automobile is the body structure itself. Like the foundation of a house, the body and frame hold the other subsystems together and in the proper relationship to each other as well as provide the beauty and appearance, and dare I say, "art" of the car.

With a house, you can paint the outside, or renovate the kitchen, but if the foundation is cracking, and the basement is leaking water, the improvements are only superficial. Sooner or later, the basic structure must be dealt with or the whole thing collapses upon itself.

Furthermore, a deteriorated structure is simply unsafe. These cars were built in eras long before crumple zones and airbags, and had much less safety designed into them and when these structures are weakened by rust and age and poor repairs they can be dangerous to both you and the others on the road with you. 

We want you to enjoy your car for years to come and will discuss our findings and solutions to let you get the most out of your vehicle.  


Dedication to Service Excellence

Our standards are designed to satisfy you. We will recommend the procedures and methods appropriate for restoring your Antique and Classic automobile to meet your specific needs. You can be assured that the entire project will be accomplished with full attention to the details you can't see, as well as the finish you can see.

What is Classic and Timeless...

We know that your Antique and Classic Automobile is important to you. Whether you are the new or a long-term owner of your special interest automobile, you treat your car with utmost care and attention. When you entrust that car to a repair and restoration specialist, you want and expect them to give your car the same careful treatment as you would give it.

Experience and Knowledge

The antique and special interest automobile presents its own situations in servicing and parts sourcing that the mainstream service mechanic may have difficulty addressing. As a service customer, you can feel comfortable that we have the experience and knowledge to anticipate and care for the needs of your special car and a wealth of information at our disposal.

Restoration Experts

You can be confident that Pollock Auto Restoration will guide you through the maze of concerns and considerations which arise during a restoration project. We work with you to formulate a plan to meet your goals. From touring to Concours winner, we can help you achieve the satisfaction you desire.

We believe in and stand by the service we supply. That belief is reflected in our customers' enjoyment of their cars. Read the comments of some of our satisfied customers, or better yet, drop into the shop, telephone, or e-mail us to discuss your needs.